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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How to make a folder which has no name?

Welcome guys! This is Jishu, The IT Dude. In today's post, I am gonna show you that how you can create a folder which has no name. It's pretty easier to do so. Here are the steps which you can use in order to make a folder which has no name:

  1. Rename the folder
  2. Delete all the written text.
  3. Press Alt+255 keys in combination. You need to remember one thing here that you can not use the numeric keys given below the function keys. Instead, you will have to use the Numeric Keypad.
  4. Now, press the enter key to make the changes take effect.
As soon as, you will follow all the steps, given above, carefully, you will have a folder which has no name. Also, remember that if you want to other files and programs to have no name then you can follow the same trick on them also.

Ok guys here is some shortcut keys, which can probably help you to perform the above trick quickly:

You can make a new folder by just pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+N  buttons of your keyboard in combination.

You can rename a folder by just selecting the folder and pressing the F2 key.

Ok, so enough fun  for now. This is Jishu, The IT Dude. I will come back again with a new trick. Till than, Bye and take care.

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